NCC activities for college students :

National Cadet Corps is one of premier  organizations of educated youth in  our country. The life of NCC cadet  is blossomed with brilliant training and pro active activities, which are  scheduled according to  their parade curriculum and camps and  adventurous mission. These cadets are trained to be enthusiastic, energetic so  to fulfilled their  life with tremendous hope and motivational attributes. These cadets  play a vital role in  building  our nation without any prejudice  caste, religion and region.



-      To develop character, comradeship, discipline, leadership, secular outlook, spirit of adventure and the ideals of selfless service amongst the youth of the country.

-       To create a human resource of organised, trained and motivated youth, to provide leadership in all walks of life and always available for the service of the nation.

-       To provide a suitable environment to motivate the youth to take up a career in the Armed Forces.



The motto of NCC is “Unity and Discipline”. ‘Unity’ implies our basic oneness, the brotherhood of all the Indian people regardless of their caste, colour or creed. Likewise, ‘Discipline’ is the very bedrock on which any nation is founded. It is for these reasons that “Unity and Discipline” has been adopted as motto of the NCC.



          To empower potential leaders and responsible citizen.



To nurture social integration through multifacet training in military environment.



          Sense of patriotic pride, commitment and sensitive for needy citizen.


At Institute level in G.B.Pant Institute of Technology

At Institute level the NCC  was started in 1963 under 4 Delhi Technical composite Bn as EME, Engineers and Signals core with 30 cadets strength in each core  and each core of NCC wing was commanded by one  NCC officer exclusively from 1970 to 1980.  Lt. J.P. Badola was the First Associate NCC Officer of this Institute till 1969 there after each core of NCC wing was commanded by one/two  NCC officer exclusively from 1970 to 1980. In 1981, three cores of NCC was merged as one company of 106 cadet strength under 4 Delhi Bn NCC Okhla , New Delhi.



Institutional Training Military training is imparted to the NCC Cadets from the Educational Institutions (Colleges/Polytechnics/Schools) to achieve the aims of NCC. Apart from normal training, the NCC cadets are exposed to the following traits:

(a) Personality Development (b) Bearing (c) Endurance (d) Courage  (e) Decisiveness (f) Enthusiasm (g) Ability of Speech (h) Self Confidence (j) Loyalty (k) Tactfulness (l) Unselfishness (m) Public Speaking


i)             Youth Exchange Programmes in Foreign Countries every year, the cadets forming part of RDC are selected for the Youth Exchange Programme (YEP). They are selected through an interview by ADG/DG NCC. Under YEP, the cadets are sent to friendly foreign countries like Russia, Nepal, Bhutan, Australia, Singapore, United Kingdom, Bangladesh, Yangon, Sri Lanka, Vietnam,Foreign Naval Cruise and Foreign Coast Guard Cruise.


ii)            Adventure Training & Sports  Besides general training, adventure oriented training is imparted to Cadets in wind surfing, para sailing, flying and gliding, ship modelling, aero modelling, cycle/motor cycle expedition, trekking, mountaineering, slithering, scuba diving, hot air ballooning, white water rafting and camel safari.



·        NCC Day: The NCC Day is celebrated on the last Sunday of November every year throughout the country, because on that day in 1949, the first NCC Unit was raised in Delhi, in a formal function presided over by Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, then Prime Minister of India. During this occasion, the members of this premier youth organisation rededicate themselves to the cause of the Nation and aims of NCC in a befitting manner all over the Country. It is a day of excellent opportunities for the NCC fraternity and the public to mingle with each other for highlighting the NCC activities.


·        Republic Day Camp: The camp is held every year from 28 Dec to 30 January at Garrison Parade Ground, Delhi Cantonment. Totally, 1850 cadets of NCC 17 State Directorates of our country and some cadets from other friendly countries participate. During the camp, the cadets participate in the Republic Day Parade (on 26th January) and the Prime Minister’s Rally (on 27th January). They also put up displays highlighting various NCC activities and cultural programmes bringing the sense of National Integration amongst the youth of our country. In addition, they also participate in various Inter- Directorate Competitions. The RDC Contingent has ‘Tea’ with the Prime Minister and later attends an ‘At Home’ function hosted by the President of India.


·        Scholarships : by the Chiefs of Services to Best Cadets @ Rs.6000/- p.a. for 750 cadets merit list Directorate wise recommendation required at DG, NCC  by 30th Nov. every year


·        Best Cadet award: Ist 380 Cadets Rs 3500/- each to 04 best SD/Sw and JD/JW Cadets. IInd  380 cadets rS. 2500/- to 04 second best SD/SW and JD/JW cadets per group


·        DG NCC Scholarships for All India Best Cadets in RDC.

(a) Senior Division and Senior Wing (Army/Navy/Air)

                 Position Amount (Rs.)  (i) I - 5000/-  (ii) II - 3000/- (iii) III - 1000/-

                 (b) Junior Division and Junior Wing (Army/Navy/Air)

                Position Amount (Rs.) (i) I - 3000/- (ii) II - 1000/- (iii) III - 500/-

·        DDG’s Cash Award for TSC, NSC, VSC & RDC.

(a) To Each Individual Medal Winner Amount (Rs)

(i) I (Gold Medal) - 1500/- (ii) II (Silver Medal) - 1000/-  (iii) III (Bronze Medal) - 750/-

(b) To Each Participant of Team Event Winners

(i) I - Rs. 100/- (ii) II - Rs. 75/- (iii) III - Rs. 50/-

·        Contributions by Cadet Welfare Society (CWS)

(a) Financial Assistance: Category High Risk Activities (Rs.) For death cases 2,50,000/- ,   For Permanent disability cases Upto 2,50,000/-

Normal Activities (Rs.) death cases  2,00,000/-

For Permanent disability cases Upto 2,00,000/-   ,  For temporary disability cases  Upto 1,50,000/-


(b) Scholarships: The Society awards 500 Scholarships as one time payment of Rs.5,000/- each to meritorious NCC Cadets in academics, every year.

(c) Best Cadet Awards: Rs.3,000/- each to four Best Cadets and Rs.2,000/- for four second Best Cadets in each Group have been instituted by DG NCC.


·        Sahara Scholarship. The Sahara Group of Companies, as a voluntary gesture awards Annual Sahara Scholarships amounting to Rupees One Crore for high achievers and meritorious Cadets in NCC.